Consumer Unit Upgrades

If you have an old, damaged or faulty consumer unit (fuse box), we can upgrade it to a modern one so you benefit from the additional convenience and safety afforded by modern protective devices such as RCBO, SPF and AFDD.

  • RCBO’s combine the functions of a minature circuit breaker (MCB) and residual current device (RCD) and reduce the likelyhood of nuisance tripping.  In the event of a fault, only the impacted circuit will trip rather than several (or possibly all) circuits.  In general we recommend the use of RCBO’s for most new consumer unit installs.
  • SPD – Surge Protection Devices protect expensive electrical equipment from damage caused by electrical surges and lighting strikes.  Whilst not mandatory, we always specify surge protection for all consumer unit upgrades as standard.
  • AFDD – Arc Fault Detection Devices offer the same over current and fault protection benefits as RCBO’s but can also detect electrical arcing caused by loose conections and insulation failures, and thus reduce the likelyhood of a fault causing an electrical fire.  AFDD’s are not currently mandated by the wiring regulations for most installations and are still relatively expensive but are well worth considering for the increased protection they provide.

If you require any advice on consumer unit upgrades, please contact us, we would be happy to advise.


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