EV Chargers

If you are interested in an EV charger installation, we would be happy to assess your electrics for suitability, discuss options and provide a no obligation quote.  Unfortunately it is not possible to quote a price without assessing your installation in person as there are various factors that influence the cost including:

  • Make and model of EV charger required
  • Tethered or non-tethered version
  • Suitability of electric supply and earthing arrangements
  • Distance of charger from consumer unit
  • Difficulty of cable routing

Please note when comparing quotes, that the ‘fixed’ prices quoted by some companies assume a very simple standard installation and the price can increase significantly if the installation is more involved.  Our quotes will reflect the particular circumstances of your installation and are fixed, so there will be no nasty surprises.

To arrange a no obligation survey & quote, please contact us.

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